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For Sale: $4,000,000 plus GST (if any)

Situated on the outskirts of Murchison and in an area renown for quality Dairy farms. This 122ha farm consists of flat fertile river loam and divided into approximately 45 paddocks all serviced by wide lanes. 300 cows are milked in the 28 aside dairy shed that has been maintained to a high standard and has full compliance. Support sheds include a calf pens, fertilizer shed and tractor and implement shed. New Te Pari cattle yards are located close to the farm center. An older sheering shed is used as a workshop and storage facility. 40 ha of this property is irrigated from the 90 day effluent holding tank. Two independent bores provide an adequate water supply and water is pumped to all paddocks via new 40 ml alkathene.

The main homestead had been extensively renovated and includes a new kitchen, new bathroom, redecorated living room with a heat pump and new log burner. Two of the three double bedrooms have been redecorated. Everything is in excellent condition.

The cows are wintered on farm, replacement stock graze off farm. Approximately 360 bales of supplement are made every year. Kale is grown as a winter crop and the paddocks re sown with quality permanent pasture. A full fertilizer history report is available as well as all of the necessary farm management information.

This is an outstanding farm and well worth of your inspection.

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